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January 12, 2009 / jasonpinto

Just Wait Until My Friend Sees This…


At my place of employment, I have the privilege of being able to work with a number of great, creative customers. From time to time, a customer runs a campaign that experiences tremendous results. And, even if I only had to answer a simple question about the campaign setup, or help them debug a landing page issue, I always feel a sense of satisfaction when a customer is pleased with the results of a campaign.

A couple of months ago, a customer delivered a ROI of over 200%. From day 1 of the campaign, things were interesting, and very exciting. The responses came in a dramatic page over the first couple of days, and we all were very excited. But then a funny thing happened… The response rate not only stayed steady over the following weeks, but it actually grew from day to day! When you think of a typical direct mail or email campaign, you can almost chart out when the responses will come. But this customer took advantage of one tremendous marketing avenue: viral marketing. On the landing page that all users were presented with, they had the ability to enter the information of a friend that might be interested as well. Nearly 85% of visitors entered a friend! Their friends were sent a personalized email, with a link to the landing page. While they were responding, they also entered the names and addresses of other friends. And so the story went…

With a campaign like this, you certainly may face some unique challenges. (Oh my! How are we going to handle this many leads). For example, with an increase of data, you certainly have to do a bit more work to ensure that you have qualified leads. But with an integrated marketing software solution, you can launch follow-up mailers or emails that seek to gain that qualification data easily. While not every campaign may call for a Tell-a-Friend component, there certainly are not enough that are using this marketing component today. So, the next time you have something that you’re excited to share about your company (or that your customer is looking to share), just keep in mind: They may have a friend that will be just as happy to receive that material as well.

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