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January 14, 2009 / jasonpinto

I had a dream that I worked for Tony Soprano…


It’s true! Last night, I had a dream that Tony Soprano was my boss. I walked into the office yelling about something, and the dream went from there. When I awoke this morning, every detail of that dream was fresh in my mind.

While driving to work, that dream led me to another idea… something related to a marketing effort at work. My initial reaction was to let it pass. But instead, I wrote it down, and sent it to other people in the marketing department here. They all liked it!

The more I think about this idea, I really think it can help our company.

Now, you may want to know what the idea is… But I can’t tell you just yet. We just need some time to put it into action. I promise, we will!

The lesson for me on this one is that inspiration can come at all times, from all different sources. But you might miss it!

But, if you have the attitude that you want to help… whether it’s for your business or somtehing else, there’s a good chance that your mind may help make the connection. And that quirky thought may turn into an idea, which then turns into a valuable tool to improve something (perhaps your business).

So… there certainly are ideas and dreams that are worth forgetting… but if you have a willing attitude, and you keep your “eyes” open for a good idea, I promise, you will stumble across it soon enough.


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