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February 20, 2009 / jasonpinto

Mirror, mirror on the wall…


Have you ever fallen victim to the “forgiving” mirror? Okay, I promise, I’m not trying be vain.. But just follow me for a second.

Depending on circumstances, there are certain mirrors that can make us look really good! This can do wonders for our self-esteem. But then…. we walk past some reflective glass, or see ourselves in a different mirror, and yikes! We could swear that some gale-force wind must have suddenly caused our disheveled hair, that the heat is responsible for our wrinkled shirt, and we must have put on the magical pants-that-shrink-during-the-day…. because man, we looked gooood when we left the house.

I have a friend that I’ve taken a number of vacations with. During the trip, we’d enjoy ourselves. The buffet lines, the late nights, etc… And there would be times when I’d blurt out, “you know what, even though we are partying, I think I look better than ever!” However, he always would respond with, “wait until you get back home, and see yourself in a mirror that you look at all the time”.

When it comes to our business, we can sometimes fall into a similar trap.  We look at ourselves under the light of what we’ve always done.. Our website has always looked like this. We always use these words when describing our company. Our sales staff has always had these business cards.    And we think everything’s good.. that all those things are working for us…

… and then…. we stumble upon the website of a competitor!

It’s not always a nice feeling when this happens. We may start to have these types of thoughts (or loud outbursts):

“Why do they  have such a nicer looking website than us!”

“Why did they think of that tag line before us!”

“Why do they have so much more content than we do”

When these moments happen, it can hurt, to be honest. But there’s no reason to scrap it all, or think that all of the marketing efforts we’ve done to this point have been unfruitful. Rather, we take the punch that the mirror has thrown at us, and we move forward.

We identify the adjustments that we may need to make… Maybe it’s in regards to look and feel… or content… or re-prioritizing the information that we present to people.

It doesn’t always feel good when we walk in front of the “not-so-nice” mirror, but it’s necessary. It will push us to find ways to improve our business and marketing activities.


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