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March 5, 2009 / jasonpinto

Kids say the darn’dest things – do you?


I heard a funny family story the other day…

Alright, you know the feeling you get when your arm or leg has been a funny position? And it feels all tingly? Most of my life, I’ve heard people describe that as “ugh! my arm fell asleep“. Now, I know that’s not quite the scientific term, but still.. I think everyone says that! Well, the other day, my 4 year-old niece appeared to be slightly pained. Her mother asked, “did your arm fall asleep?”  My niece answered: “No. My right arm is busy”. Yes, her explanation as to why she suddenly had a tingling feel in her arm is that it was “busy” – off doing something else, apparently.

This started to get me thinking about terms that we use in our marketing efforts. When you spend 8+ hours a day inside your own office, you develop a certain vocabulary with fellow employees. It may be about how you describe features of your product or service… or how you describe challenges that your potential customers face, and that you can help solve.

Well, sometimes we say and hear those terms soooo much, that they become the absolute best and only way to describe them! We say them on our website… we talk about them on the phone.. we write them in our emails (and blog posts).   We admire our work – boy, I really just helped promote what we can do!

But, is that really true?

We might have the greatest product or service – but if we cannot describe to a person in their terms just how it can help them, , well… we are losing out.

Yes, from time to time, it is very important to take an inventory of our vocabulary.. Think about the terms that you are using to promote your company… Then, look around…What terms are being used in the industry right now? What about by the competition? Also, how do your customers describe their problems? Or their workflow? Or their operations?

You may be very surprised by the results.  Chances are, some of the terms that we use simply do not have the punch that we once  believed. But, it’s not the end of the world… this is an opportunity. Yes, if you really believe in your product or service, times like these can help you to freshen up your message…

Yes, by just changing a word or two, or 10, we may quickly find greater success as we market our company.

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