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March 16, 2009 / jasonpinto

Mr. Scott, a little help here…


Mr. David Meerman Scott,

I could absolutely use your help today. As soon as I checked the mirror this morning, I knew I was in trouble. My eyes had somehow shrunk in size, while the bags under them had picked up some major weight over night.   My skin looks like it does on a Sunday night after a three-day trip to Vegas.

Here’s why I need help. My boss will assume one thing – that I was out late last night, enjoying the St. Patrick’s Day celebration here in Boston. However, that is as far from the truth as possible! I carved out some time yesterday to read more of your new book, “World Wide Rave”. It started off just as I expected…. enthralling… inspiring.. liberating.

The hours rushed past my normal “turn-off-the-lights” time, and I was more energized than ever. The only times I paused from reading your book were to jot down ideas that came into my head… yes, ideas on how to answer some of the challenges that you pose in your book with our own marketing efforts.

So, this morning, I am absolutely excited to be here at the office. I can’t wait to chat  with the marketing team about some of the new things that we can do with our blog, website, and campaigns.

But, please…. if you have a moment, could you contact my boss? Once he sees me, that will be all. I will not have time to explain how addictive your book is… and how I think it can help our company. Rather, I will be lumped in with the St. Patty’s Day revelers.

Thank you very much for all you do, and for any help you could provide today..


Jason Pinto


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