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March 18, 2009 / jasonpinto

One and Done?

In the sports world right now, it is tournament-time. While most of us are having fun filling out our brackets, there are thousands of athletes and coaches around the world sweating out this fact – lose once, and you go home. One and Done.

Well, how about when it comes to our marketing efforts? Or if we are a marketing services provider, what about the campaigns that we run for our customers?

It can be easy when a mailer or email provides a great response rate… When there are plenty of people filling out the survey, the sales and management teams are normally too busy chasing leads then to view reports on non-responders.

But for a lot of campaigns, the response rate is not always that great. What do we do then? Do we view it as a failed attempt, and put the campaign idea out of our head for good? Or worse, if we are a marketing services provider, do we figure that our customer will never do a campaign with us again, because this first push appears to have failed?

I saw an inspiring example of this yesterday. A customer recently did an email blast for a university, which was trying to promote an upcoming Visit Day to high school students.

The e-mail went out to 15 thousand people… About a 1000 were reported as “opens”. 162 people clicked the link to register/learn more. 4 people filled out the survey.

Well, I’ve seen a lot of people view stats like that as a complete failure, and reason to give up on promoting the event.

But not this customer… When it was time to have the call with his client, two things happened:

  • He put on his marketing hat – He helped analyze with his client every detail about the campaign… The list… The timing… The offer.  He discussed the drop-off between the opens to the landing page clicks. And then from the landing page views to the survey submissions. Then, he identified ways to improve future efforts…
  • He generated additional business! – Yes, his client was so impressed with his feedback and advice, they agreed to do further promotion on the event. This includes a direct mail piece with a personalized URL to the non-responders… a phone call to people that visited the landing page but that did not fill out the survey… And more.

I think this was a very important lesson. A lot of printers are making the transition to marketing services providers… A huge benefit of that is you are able to offer solutions and campaigns – not just a one-off email blast, or one postcard.

Marketing can be a rewarding journey – keep testing, keep analyzing, keep doing it!


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