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March 23, 2009 / jasonpinto

Are they ignoring you?

Before we start some of our marketing meetings, I like to throw out something outrageous. Most of the time, I like to pose an absolutely ridiculous challenge for our marketing department… One that would nearly be impossible to solve. However, it gets our creative juices going, as we start stretching our minds to think of ways to reach people.

The other day I posed this challenge – over the next 24 hours, we need to add 1,000 people to our eNewsletter subscription list.

When we are playing this game, there are no rules. It’s just for fun. Thus, they could have added any one they know to the list… Friends, family, etc.

After a couple of the early 20-somethings posed some ideas, I asked them why they did not include a specific group – their friends.

Their response, while not shocking me, shook me – They said, “hardly any of our friends use e-mail. They primarily rely on Facebook, and other sites…”. 

I have been reading more and more articles about this trend recently. Is Twitter replacing email? Is Facebook replacing email?  I figured those were great questions to speculate on, but that do not have definitive answers yet.   And, they still don’t … But here is something we must acknowledge – among certain demographics, it’s possible that this is quickly becoming the truth.  Maybe that won’t hold… that’s the beauty and pain of technology.

However, this question has stuck with me ever since – if you are going to run a marketing campaign that targets teens or early-20-something’s right now, what channels are you going to use?  

As always, a mix is essential… traditional.. as well as the channels that they are on all day 🙂

For any non-believers, the impact of social media marketing is very real. It may be a little different than the traditional marketing methods you’ve relied on in the past. But ignore it at your own peril!

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  1. Are they ignoring you?

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