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March 26, 2009 / jasonpinto

We hear your concerns.


What a phrase that is – “we hear your concerns”. Sometimes it can sound so soothing. It means someone is listening to us!    But nearly every company can say that…  They can ask the question, and then collect the answer. Maybe they write it down on a form, or collect it directly from you via a form on a website.

But, how much of that data actually gets put to use?

Well, I had the privilege of seeing a customer recently do a campaign that put that type of data to use… and in a very powerful way.

This campaign had something that would make ZZ Top very proud – (cheesy joke alert) – it had legs!

An initial postcard mailing went out, which contained personalized URLs. That was leg #1. Once the recipient went to their landing page, they had the option of entering additional information. This included their age range, their primary concern, and secondary concern. Now, it sometimes can be risky to ask for this type of information. People may simply balk at providing it. But the text on the landing page gave a very compelling reason to answer those questions – The customer promised to provide a follow-up, which would contain a personalized kit that was tailored to that persons needs and interests.

Think of the benefit to the recipient – yes, instead of having to read through pages and pages of information on the customers website, the interested person would receive articles that appealed directly to them.

The data was collected over a period of a couple of weeks.

And guess what, the customer didnt just sit on it, they delivered on their promise. Leg #2 of the campaign was delivered. It included direct mail and emails that also contained personalized URLs. When the recipient went to the page this time, they were greeted with pictures, articles and offers that appealed directly to them.

Yes, the customer did have to spend a bit of extra time preparing leg #2 of the campaign. But that is part of successful marketing! It can take multiple steps to turn a prospect into a customer.  In the end, this type of approach can work wonders.

So, what data do you have on hand about your prospects or customers?

Im sure that data is perfectly content sitting in your file cabinet or CRM solution… but I bet that you can ignite your marketing activities by putting some of it to use.


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