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March 27, 2009 / jasonpinto

Say goodbye to bleary eyes

insomnia02Ai Ay Ai… For some reason (okay – pre-show jitters before the On Demand Expo next week), I had a hard time sleeping last night. I woke up around 1, and wasn’t able to shut my mind off until about 4am.

One way I passed the time was checking emails… At night, I seem to get a lot of “junk”. I also get a lot of emails related to automated events that run during the night. On a typical morning, when I’m trying weed through those, I typically delete most of those all at once… They are either spam, or I’ve seen them before.

But because I was checking email at 2am, I saw one come through in real time.  It was generated by one of the scripts of our marketing software solution.

Seeing it in real-time helped remind me how cool of a marketing program is actually running in this scenario.

Here’s a high-level view of how it works:

  • A company receives new customers every day. They collect that data, and then send that file to our system each night.
  • Our system processes the file – and then produces a personalized URL for each customer.
  • It sends a batch file to a printer once it’s done.

Thus, just days after ordering new materials, the end-customer receives a personalized Thank You card.

But that’s not all – once they visit their Personalized URL, the customer is prompted to supply feedback on their experience so far…. How they liked the service, how they enjoyed the buying experience, and what they think of the product so far.

Once they click Submit, the system goes back to work – if the person provides a favorable response, the system automatically produces the print file for a referral card.   However, if they produce a negative response, the system sends an alert to a manager that is located near that customer.

I think this whole process is a wonderful example of marketing… It is automated…It uses customer data to deliver true personalization… it has handles in place for a good response, and a bad response. Yes, the system truly helps the company “listen and react” to someone’s feedback.

So… While I certainly could have used a few more hours last night, I am very glad I stumbled across this email. Great marketing techniques are the new Red Bull!


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