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April 9, 2009 / jasonpinto

Instant Gratification?

Instant gratification…  If you are in the marketing and sales worlds, wouldn’t  you just love to have a bit of that right now?

We recently attended the On Demand Expo in Philadelphia. We had our own booth… We brought new collateral. We had easily the best Powerpoints known to man playing on our wide-screen monitors. 🙂

These things certainly helped us generate a number of leads… but now the hard part begins – converting those leads into customers.

That conversion process never seems to go as quick as we would like, does it? (Of course, it may depend on what you’re selling.. but in this economy, I think the process for everything has slowed down a bit)

However, I heard a story the other day from one of our customers, which helped do two things for me:

  • Look at the big-picture of a marketing campaign
  • Realize how important it is to never stop generating leads

The story: It started 6 years ago, at another tradeshow. Our company had a booth to promote our marketing software. One of the giveaways that year was a CD which contained a demo of our solutions. Well, a fellow working at another booth that year happened to scoop up one of these CDs.  He watched it, and was very impressed by the software demo.

He brought the CD back to his company, and gave it to a boss.  But then….I don’t want to say that the CD served as a coaster… let’s just say that it rested comfortably for a few years.

Time went by, and that fellow moved to a new company.  He had a new position as well… one that was more of a decision maker. Before he left, he retrieved the copy of the CD.  After watching the demo for a few minutes, he rediscovered the same feelings that he had developed the first time he watched our demo – the software was perfect for his organization.

Well, a short time later, this fellow was a brand new customer.

Today, his company can certainly be described as a power-user of interlinkONE’s marketing software.  They are driving millions of transactions.. personalized URLs, email blasts, fulfillment orders, and variable data print jobs.

So… while instant gratification will always give us a certain jolly feeling, marketing and sales do not always work that way. But know this – a long-term sale will never happen unless we do the initial legwork… unless we send out the email… or make the PowerPoint…or go to the tradeshow… or post a blog… or whatever other lead generation tactic we may use.

So, as they say in my favorite rap song – “If you’re driving new leads, throw your rollies in the sky!”


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