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April 13, 2009 / jasonpinto

Ready for your wayzgoose?

With all credit and thanks due to John Updike, here are a few “picked-up pieces” I would like to share:

 – A seemingly obvious question to pose on a Monday morning to your workmates is “How was your weekend”. However, with sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, is that question becoming unnecessary? I mean, now-a-days, I know what you thought about this weekend, what you did, and I may have even watched some of it…

– Do you have any college students in your office? If so, it can be a wonderful thing. Being reminded of what it means to “study” can be refreshing and extremely helpful. No matter what industry you are in, never stop studying.

– I feel bad for  “college hockey” today. One of the greatest comebacks in the history of sports may have happened Saturday night. BU scored two goals in the last minute, and then won the NCAA championship in OT. However, a lot of sports fans will never know that.

– When it comes to business, some things are absolutely out of our control. However, you will never regret putting forth time to work on your marketing efforts. Thinking of ways to promote your products or services will put your mind in a positive frame of mind. Good things usually happen when you are thinking that way.

 – I played Balderdash this weekend. One thing that surprised me was two of the words that were selected both applied to the printing industry. My favorite was “wayzgoose”.

 – I am a huge fan of whomever it is managing the marketing campaign for Neil Young’s new album. Maybe it’s him… Or Bernard Shakey? 🙂 From the YouTube videos to the banner ad on, I just can’t get enough Neil.

– Sometimes the best way to improve camaraderie in the office or to get the gears rolling in the department of problem-solving is to bring in a person from another company, and let them talk.   Hearing another voice discuss their company’s challenges, or the things that they love and hate, can do wonders.

It might help to justify the way you’ve been thinking, or help you realize that it’s time to erase the whiteboard and make some changes. Either way, at least you know.

 – Real-time results: This never gets old — when you hear the excitement in a customer’s voice as they receive notifications every time someone clicks and downloads materials from their website, it can make you feel pretty good.


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