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April 14, 2009 / jasonpinto

Analyze This

I’ve had the privilege of being around some very talented people in the print and marketing industries lately… I bumped into some of them at the On Demand Expo in Philadelphia, and some of them have visited our office.

When asked about their “secret to success”, or, what they feel people need to do to become better marketers, they nearly all replied with a common theme – you need to become a student of communications. You need to start looking at all things with a “marketing-eye”… and in the context of a campaign.

I think that is an absolutely great point. Maybe you’re trying right now to think of a way to promote your business… Or, you sent out a direct mail piece last week, and have been waiting for the leads to come streaming in. And now, you’re still waiting.

We are not alone. There are countless other people right now doing the same thing. Some of them have already “figured it out”. They’ve found a successful marketing mix to reach their prospects… Or they’ve created so much awareness for their product or service that they are approaching a tipping point.

So, how can we “see” how they are doing it? How can we find inspiration to deliver more successful marketing efforts for ourselves?

Well, start looking at things differently. 

When is a banner ad more than just a banner ad?  I’m sure that many of the sites you visit have them… If you’re in the habit of skipping by the banners, try something different next time. Read what the banner ad says, and then click on it. Find out where that banner ad takes you…. Read what they are promoting, and how they try to entice you to take the next step.  Maybe they want you to sign up for a newsletter, or watch a video, or provide personal information.

Then, start viewing that as part of a campaign —

 – The Media: Banner Ad
 – The Source: Visitors to a specific website
 – The Response: Sign up form, or phone #, or some other form of response mechanism.

Of course, you can do this with other medias as well….

When does a jingle from an advertisement become more than just a catchy song, and instead, something to provoke someone to respond to a call to action?

Or how about the pile of mail that you quickly sift through on your desk each day? I’m sure that you read some of them, but… isn’t it true that a good amount of those mailers end up receiving quite a bit less attention? Well, imagine your company’s postcard being on someone else’s desk… Maybe they’ll read it… But, how much better would it be if along with the postcard, your marketing campaign included an email follow-up? What if it included a banner ad in your email signature, and on your website? Or a radio ad? Or a video?

There are plenty of statistics out there that show this point: people are bombarded with marketing messages every day. Well, for those looking for inspiration, that can be a good thing… That means that there are plenty of campaigns happening right now, just waiting to be analyzed by us.

So, go find that pesky banner ad on your favorite website… It may have previously been an annoyance to you; but today, it’s going to help you to become a better marketer.

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  1. Heidi Tolliver-Nigro / Apr 16 2009 12:28 pm

    Great observations, Jason. I have some similar suggestions when it comes to learning 1:1 printing, personalized URLs, and other applications. The post is titled “How Do I Learn This Stuff?” Check it out!

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