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April 17, 2009 / jasonpinto

Yo’ Momma is…

I heard someone deliver an illustration recently regarding the art of selling and marketing.   They compared it to trash-talking.

Here’s what they said – “Trash-talking typically occurs related to sports. A fan of one team may talk trash to a fan of another team… Well, have you ever heard of one fan changing ‘their favorite team’, simply because someone talked trash to them about their favorite team?”

They then went on to compare that to how we may promote our product or services. Are we prone to pointing out all the negatives that a prospect may have in their current situation, in an attempt to help them see that we have the solution for all things?

If so, it may be time to adjust our marketing and sales techniques.

We may make an incorrect assumption when we take the approach of “pointing out the negatives “. Yes, we may be assuming that the person views their current situation as a problem.

Sometimes that happens. A person may strongly dislike the software they have, or their landscaper, or their accountant.  Well, those are often the “easy sales”. They realize that they are unhappy, and are certainly ready for a solution like the one that we may offer.

But what if a person thinks that their software is performing exactly as it should, that their lawn is just fine,  and their accountant can do no harm?

If we take the approach of pointing out the things that we view as negative regarding their situation, that person will most likely tune us out. Goodbye, sale.

Rather, in those cases, try the following approach – listen , and put yourself in the person’s shoes. Commend them for what they’ve done so far.  Then, instead of listing how you can completely replace what they’ve already done, look for ways to point out how your solution can add on to what they already have… how you can offer additional benefits, etc.  

If this works, you at least have a foot in the door. From there, as the person starts to become a bit more familiar with what you offer, the opportunities to present more of what you can do will certainly come.

So, while trash-talking can be a lot of fun on the basketball courts of our local parks, at our backyard whiffle-ball games, or in the bleachers at Fenway Park, it doesn’t always work to our advantage when it comes to sales and marketing.


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  1. Dale Bohman / Apr 22 2009 2:55 am

    Like Jeffory Gitomer says, “Give value first”, you’re right, never criticize what your customer has done but building him up and suggesting how your solution might solve other problems and add value to his system is a great approach

  2. Can not say! / Apr 23 2009 8:27 pm

    Pinto Beans…..AWESOME….Dude you’re crazy!!!!

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