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April 21, 2009 / jasonpinto

The best marketer in acting

I saw a movie the other day that featured some incredible acting by Philip Seymour Hoffman. Okay, now that’s not exactly breaking news.

But his character had a habit that I believe any great marketer would want to have. On multiple occasions, his character stopped dead in his tracks, grabbed a piece of paper, and jotted down an idea. In his case, he was writing down ideas for future speeches.

During each of the occasions that he did this, he was involved in a conversation with someone else. During the conversation, his mind picked up on something that was being said, or on the way that someone was acting… It then “popped an idea” into his head for material that he could possibly use in the future.

This helped point out two very important lessons:

  • Ideas will come anytime, anyplace…  If you are involved in marketing your company, a product, a service, etc., I bet that you find it hard to turn the marketing part of your brain off. Yes, no matter how far you travel outside of the office, ideas may still appear.   You never know what might inspire you. It might be a scene, it might be a conversation… Perhaps a song, or perhaps a moment of silence.   Yes, learn as much as possible about what you are trying to market… Once that information is in your brain, you never know what outside source might mix with that info, and produce a creative marketing idea.
  • Be prepared to capture the idea! Okay, Mr. Memory…you’ve failed me one too many times. I used to think that I could recall an idea once I was back in the office, but that doesn’t happen too often anymore. So, when an idea strikes, I find a way to write it down at that moment. Maybe it means adding it as a note on your iPhone, or texting it to yourself… Or, you can always take the PSH approach, and write it down on the nearest piece of paper.


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  1. Rhona Bronson / Apr 22 2009 1:01 am

    Love the name of your blog! I’m getting my nerve up to move my personal blog from .mac over to WordPress. All the NAPL blogs are in Typepad, but the comment function looks better here. Know that I”ll tap you for advice when I finally make the switch. And, P.S. I agree with your marketing tips. I used to say I got my best ideas from a messy desk when two uncoordinated pieces of paper touched either other and made me see a connection I would have missed if everything had been filed correctly! I’m bookmarking your blog! Check out mine when you get a chance…

  2. jasonpinto / Apr 22 2009 11:44 am

    Thanks so much for your comment… I am checking out your blog right now:

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