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April 24, 2009 / jasonpinto

Through the Static

Argentina, please don’t cry for me –  I have gone without cable TV for 6 months now (cue the dramatic gasp).

This has helped me catch up on a lot of things… I read more, I spend more time outside on the weekends, and I have less stress regarding the Boston sports teams.

However, there was one show that I did not want to miss… The Office. So, I dug out my rabbit-ear antenna, and have watched the show threw a snowstorm of static the past few months.

It’s not a perfect situation… I can’t see all the characters very clearly. I know there are things happening in the background that I just can’t see; maybe someone’s making a face, or off planning something mischievous. No doubt, seeing those things would add to my enjoyment, if I could see them.

However, the show still delivers on its goal – it makes me laugh. It proves its greatness time and again.

In regards to marketing efforts, I think it’s possible for us to get so worked up and worried about the tiny details, that we overlook our ultimate goal.  Maybe we spend countless hours poring over designs and layouts… Perhaps our message goes through the washer cycle time and time again. We get it just right; but oh, no.. that phrase just won’t do. Start over.

Sometimes this type of scrutiny does very bad things to our marketing efforts – we may deliver something late, or worse, we become so paralyzed that we don’t have it just perfect, that we fail to push out our marketing material at all. The email stays home, the mailer never gets delivered, the webpage never gets published.

Well, I’m not here to say “don’t worry about the details”. The design, the message, the list… all those things are very important in regards to the success of a marketing effort.

But at the end of the day, we need to ensure our marketing piece still accomplishes its major goal – does it compel the recipient to call us, to go to our website, or even just to remember us?

Never forget – sometimes your message is viewed by the recipient through “static”. Perhaps that static is due to their limited time… or the fact that your email is one of hundreds they need to read, or your mailer is residing in a pile of magazines, postcards, and more.

When they finally do give your piece their split-second of time, will they notice every detail? No, of course not.

However – Will they feel the “wow” factor? Will they think it’s great? If you can accomplish that through the static, then you are doing quite a good job.



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  1. Ken Laser / Apr 24 2009 1:07 pm

    Not about marketing but… Why see office through the snowy screen? Huludotcom has all the episodes. You’ll see it a day late but it’s a good way to view TV. Assuming you have broadband.

  2. jasonpinto / Apr 24 2009 1:10 pm

    Hi Ken,
    I know, I should have put something about that in the post…I’ve done that for a few of the episodes. But my friends talk online about the episodes that night, most of the time! Or they send me text messages with quotes from the show.. So, too often, by the time I watch the episode on Hulu, or, I’ve already been “spoiled”.


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