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May 15, 2009 / jasonpinto

The flame is a-burning

“Bigger, better, faster, stronger…”

Proper Jeopardy “answers” to that might be:

 – Which lyrics has Kanye West borrowed from Daft Punk?
 – What has become of athletes in the last 20 years in professional sports?

We may also view that type of growth as very positive as well. In business, we certainly want to see our bottom line grow and for our customers to prosper. We want to become “bigger, better, faster, stronger” in our marketplace.

But, how do we get there?

Certainly, hard work is a major ingredient to success. If we can market our superior product or service better than our competition, we may win.

But, think of this for a second: the ancient Greeks had a race that involved runners carrying a flame. The winner of the race was not who crossed the finish line first. The winner was whoever crossed the finish line first without extinguishing his flame on the way.

To win, you still would need to run hard and fast. But without a doubt, running with that responsibility would certainly require a bit more concentration. It would cause you to become more aware of your surroundings.

Business can certainly seem like a race. A lot of times, we simply put our heads down, and go. We run as hard  and fast as we think we can. But, we can’t forget about the flame in our hands… Take a look around you today. Never forget that the people you surround yourself with are just about as responsible as you are for your success.

So, you may need to send a simple “thank you” message to them. Or you may need to pay a bit more attention (actually listen?!!?) to what they are saying at the water cooler. Or you may need to revisit some great project they helped accomplish last month, and remind them of how successful it was, and how great of a job they did.

It can be simple actions such as those that help keep their flame ignited, and ours as well.

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