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May 19, 2009 / jasonpinto

The One’s and Two’s

There is a lot of great marketing advice out there about finding the “right mix”. To follow that advice, you certainly need to make sure that your outbound communications are on more than one type of media… For example, you cannot only send direct mail, because a good chunk of your audience prefers reading online nowadays. It also means that you can’t put all your eggs in the social media basket – there are still people that will respond to you via traditional marketing methods.

But how do you determine what the right mix of medias should be?

Well, that’s why I made the video up above. I think it’s like being a DJ. You may have a collection of great songs. But you will play a different mix at a family reunion as opposed to a dinner with your college friends on a Saturday night. You will have a wedding playlist vs. a saturday-afternoon-in-the-park playlist. Yes, you look at your audience and the circumstances before deciding what mix to play.

The same guidelines apply to marketing. Identify who are you are reaching out to, and what their circumstances are:

 – Where are they most likely to read your marketing messages?
 – How would they prefer to respond to your call to action?

When you answer those questions, you will have the information you need to then identify the right mix of medias to use to reach them.


I hope you enjoy the video. And my slight dance moves.


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