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May 22, 2009 / jasonpinto

Oh, grow garden, grow

I know someone that planted a garden for the very first time this year. They had been talking about it for months… They researched the best place to put the garden, what vegetables they should plant, and which flowers would look best. They bought tools to do the digging and planting, and fencing to protect it. They read about the best time to plant. And finally, last weekend, the garden was created. The ground was dug, and the flowers and vegetables were planted.

Fast forward to one week later – the squash plant has died, the tomato plants have fallen over, and the flowers are covering the ground (because they’ve fallen off their tree).

As my boss might say, “it’s a bad scene”.

Can you relate to that gardener?

If you are involved in marketing for your company, for your product or service, for your band, or whatever, I bet you can.

When it comes to our marketing efforts, we may do everything by the book.

We might plan it all out… We’ll identify what we are going to promote, how we will do it, who we are going to target, and more.

We’ll try to nail down the perfect time to launch our campaign.

We will identify the perfect prospects, where they hang out, and how they are most likely to respond.

We put in long hours to get everything perfect, and we launch the campaign.

And then we wait……….. our response rate fails to sprout, and the leads fail to appear.

Well, let’s go back to the gardener ————-

The initial reaction was simply this – “I give up. I am never planting a garden again”. This can be understandable. You anticipated success, you worked hard…. and it appears that you did not succeed.

But you know what – I saw them moving things around, making some adjustments, and putting in new plants today.

Well, that’s what marketing is all about sometimes. We may do everything “perfect”, and our campaign may appear to fail. Do we want to give up then? Sure, maybe… But you can’t! Because even though that marketing effort may have failed to reach its goal, you just learned a whole lot… You learned that you need to do something a bit different the next time. And if you figure out what the right adjustment is, well, here comes success.

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