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May 26, 2009 / jasonpinto

Where do you hang out

I’ve been a fan of the Ben Sollee tune “Only a Song” for a few months now. But, it wasn’t until this past weekend that I heard this lyric  -“I didn’t really grow till I came to know how so many others lived”.

I think that’s a pretty powerful lyric.

Well, let’s take the same line, scale it waaaay back in terms of importance, and apply it to marketing.

When launching a marketing effort, it is very easy to fall in love with our own stuff. We may love the design that we have for our mailers. We may pat ourselves on the back for the clever email blast that we created.

Well, does our target audience feel the same way about our mailers and emails?

A great way to figure out if a marketing initiative is going to appeal to a certain demographic is to put ourselves in their shoes. If we primarily market in a B-to-B environment, this can actually be pretty easy to do.

How so?

Well, go visit them. Walk around their shop… Pay attention to the things that they get excited about. Look around their offices… Take mental notes of the environment that they work in.

If you can pick up on the subtle hints of what makes someone tick, or even how they deal with their surroundings, you can apply that knowledge to the next marketing effort that you launch.

Today’s technology makes it easy for marketers to deliver personalized materials.  Thus, those mental notes find their way into the contact database, and can then be used for your next marketing effort.

If we truly keep our target audience in mind, we will stop focusing on how great we think our next mailer or email is. We will start thinking about how our target audience is going to react when they see it. We can visualize them being in their office scanning their mail, on the phone, and eating lunch at the same time.

Do we know what it takes to catch their attention?

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  1. Anne Marsden / May 28 2009 1:50 pm

    Amen. Unfortunately, as a marketing consultant I’ve worked with too many clients that think they KNOW exactly who their target customers are, how they think and what will move them to buy. They suffer the arrogance of believing their prospects are just like them and that their product is so strong that it speaks for itself… most of those clients are no longer in that position…

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