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June 5, 2009 / jasonpinto

Love Me, Hate Me

Marketing can bring great satisfaction.

Marketing will never leave you satisfied.

Which one of those statements is true?  Or, maybe they both have a bit of truth to them?

There are some jobs that present a very clear finish line, before you even start working. Let’s say you are building a house. Before the foundation is laid, you know exactly how that house is going to look when you are done building. When the last nail is hammered in, you know that the job is 100% complete.

Does that apply to marketing? I don’t think so.

I’m sure we would all like it to be, from time-to-time. Maybe we are watching a campaign pull in leads by the hour for our sales team. Maybe our website has had more hits this month than any other one prior to it. Or maybe our e-newsletter just set an all-time high for opens?

When that happens, do you ever want to pat yourself on the back? If so, that’s good. We may also think that other people might pat you on the back. But… how to you react when your boss or your marketing plan shouts out – “Well, what about this media? What about this group? What about this marketing effort?”

Yes  inside, we may think we deserve a break. We did our job, right? Well, that’s part of what makes marketing so exciting. You can’t really stop. The instant that you take a break from trying to create awareness, or from trying to find ways to appeal to your prospects and customers, you are in trouble. Yes, those moments of rest allow our competition to catch up (or push further ahead).

So, take joy in your work. Rejoice over each stage of a marketing effort – from the planning, to the process, to the execution, to the measurement. But don’t stop there — the things that you learn from each marketing effort will only help make your next one that much better.



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  1. Adam Edelman / Jun 5 2009 1:19 pm

    Hey Jason! Good food for thought. Here’s my take on the topic… We’re taught in “marketing school” that you first create a marketing strategy. A key component of that strategy is your strategic goal/s. Once we attain/exceed that goal using a variety of different mediums and tactics, haven’t we “completed” the marketing effort? The questions of, “Well, what about this media? What about this group? What about this marketing effort?” are questions that one uses to determine the mediums and tactics of the overall marketing strategy. Again, if the goals have been met/exceeded, those questions are only relative to the next strategic marketing campaign. Your thoughts?

    • jasonpinto / Jun 5 2009 1:43 pm

      Thanks for sharing those great points, and for the quick reply. I do agree with what you said. If we meet the goals that we’ve set out in the marketing strategy, then we definitely should be able to say that we’ve completed the marketing effort.

      I think I’ve been reading too much of the sports section lately… what prompted me to write this blog was reading about Kobe Bryant of the Lakers. How, even though he’s already one 3 championships, they are saying he’s more motivated than ever before to win this one, etc……… I am not saying that I’m inspired by Kobe Bryant in any way (!!! I am from Boston after all), but I do enjoy that kind of attitude. To do whatever it takes to avoid complacency, to not get caught up in celebrating a successful campaign…. because hopefully the next campaign is right around the corner, or has already started.

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