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June 15, 2009 / jasonpinto

One way or another…

To those that are already experiencing how social media can have a positive impact on your marketing efforts (whether business or personal), congratulations.

There are still a lot of people though that have dipped their toes, but still say “I don’t get it”. And there are a lot that have no desire to touch the water.

There were two stories from the past weekend that really caught my attention.

One of them is political. The other is related to a rapping/former cop/hall-of-fame basketball player.

We’ll start with Shaq. It’s well known by this point that Shaquille O’Neal has a Twitter page. He has over 1.25 million followers. He has a lot to say and share with those people. Well, those same thoughts are being spread in other channels now, besides social media sites such as Twitter. has (of course) published an article recapping each game of the NBA playoffs. The articles list big plays that happened during the game, as well as quotes from the players and coaches. Oh…. and in almost every article, they’ve also included what Shaq had to say about the game. They didn’t have to call him to get a quote… He didn’t have to send it to them. No, ESPN simply pulled Shaq’s thoughts from his Twitter page, and included it in their article.

Now, Shaq doesn’t really need a help boosting the number of people that are aware of him.

But here’s the point – Twitter will expand the number people that are aware about you, your product, or your service in many different ways.

  • Awareness will grow due to people reading your thoughts on
  • Others will stumble on you thanks to Search Engines picking up on your Twitter feed.
  • Someone with a blog will post what you’ve had to say on Twitter, if they thought it was interesting.
  • A journalist looking to write a story may care to find out more of your thoughts on a specific topic
  • And there’s more…

But this will only happen if you’re there, and sharing information.

Here was the other story that grabbed my attention. It has do with Iran, and its recent presidential election. Politics are not my strong-suit… All I’ll say is, this article was pretty fascinating —


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