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June 24, 2009 / jasonpinto


I heard an interview on the radio this morning that has provided some unexpected inspiration (It was a sports radio show).

Here is what was said: “It’s all about how much you believe. If you believe you can truly accomplishing something, that will result in increased effort”.

Thinking about it now, it’s such a simple concept. But I think it’s one that can sometimes get missed in the world of marketing.

This could apply to your own internal marketing efforts. Do you believe you can bring in an xx% response rate? Do you believe you can drive enough leads to the sales team?

But, I’m thinking about that concept in regards to our target audience.

To convert a prospect to a lead and then to a customer, we certainly are very responsible. However, that person (the prospect) must also put in an effort to go down that path.

So, in our marketing efforts, do we help our target audience become believers?

I think it’s something that is worth considering. We no doubt may believe that we have a great message on our website and our sales collateral. We may think that our presentations are informative and entertaining.

But do they truly “move” people? Do they cause someone to visualize the benefits that your product or service could offer them? 

If we can find the right mix, and cause someone to think “I believe that this company could help me”, well, that will certainly result in increased effort on their part to learn more about us.


P.S. One of my favorite marketing blogs is Convince and Convert. I love the articles. And I think the title is perfect. Check it out if you get the chance —


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