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July 1, 2009 / jasonpinto

At least it wasn’t the prom


At the ripe old age of 17, I remember having to attend a high-school/academics related dinner (Boasting alert: I think it was an awards ceremony) . The audience was made up of fellow students, teachers, administrators, and people from the community.

Thus, being around a primarily “adult” audience, we were required to dress up. I remember grabbing a brown suit that I thought looked quite appropriate.

But shortly after entering the building, my English teacher pulled me aside. He simply said, “brown is not your color”.

At the age of 17, your sensitivity to appearance is nearly at its peak (I think!). No doubt, my initial feelings were of embarrassment! Should I run out of the building? Hide in the bathroom for the ceremony? Cross my fingers that I would not win an award, and have to walk in front of the whole audience?

Well….. the night went fine. And I (obviously) have not forgotten that moment.

How do we react when a marketing-related effort that we have worked on brings in criticism?

It’s not always easy. Perhaps we’ve devoted a lot of time and energy to something – a website, a piece of collateral, or a video. We may believe that we’ve done due diligence – we’ve had other people review it.. people with design skills, grammar skills, etc.

But, what do we do when someone offers up more than a suggestion?

Natural human tendency may cause us to be embarrased. Our initial instict might be to defend it.

Conversations like that can be good. However, if we are having that conversation with a (figurative) wall in between us and the next person, well, that’s bad. Yes, if we set up a wall between us and criticism, the quality of our work will suffer.

Marketing efforts can be exciting and thrilling. While its fundamentals may remain consistent, your marketing efforts must be fluid. You must be willing to adapt to new channels, medias, and response types.

We also must be very willing to listen to advice.


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