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July 2, 2009 / jasonpinto

Be Excellent to Each Other

Blame it on Blockbuster.

As the hours went by last night, I found myself tired of reading, and with the urge to watch a movie. However, Blockbuster did not leave any in my mailbox yesterday, which meant I I had to check the cabinet for movies I’ve purchased over the years.

I stumbled on a classic – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

Yep, I watched the whole thing.

I typically am a fan of more serious-minded movies. But I greatly enjoyed that one when I was a teenager.

You know what – I kind of enjoyed it last night too! It’s silly and dumb, but it made me laugh. And then it reminded me of something related to marketing…

Marketing is a serious business. You are responsible for helping to drive leads to your sales team. Then you are responsible for helping them convert those leads into customers. You are responsible for choosing which channels and medias will reach your target audience.

But even with those heavy implications, marketing can and should be a joyous experience. Here are a few things that I think of:

  • Successful marketing efforts are extremely rewarding
  • You come in contact with very talented people
  • You can stretch your creativity (if you have an ounce of it!)
  • The world is constantly developing new ways to communicate with people – thus, you get to try them out, and figure out if they can help your business
  • There is a wealth of useful information available to you, to help you become a better marketer
  • Even when you fail, there is value in at least knowing that a marketing effort did not work

So, while the music of the “Wyld Stallyns” may not have changed the world, there may be a marketing lesson or two to be learned from the attitude in their “excellent” adventure.


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