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July 7, 2009 / jasonpinto

Clear and Obvious

(Question to self: Are you seriously going to quote Karl Rove?)

On the drive to work this morning, I heard a brief recap of the weekend’s political news shows. The one quote that has stuck in my brain was from Karl Rove. He said, “the most successful (political)strategies are ones that are so clear and obvious that people can grasp them”.

It sounds pretty simple, right?

However, the product, service, or idea that we are marketing may not always be a simple one. In fact, we may be trying to promote something that is designed to change someones life or business in a dramatic fashion.

There are many ways to try to convince someone that they need to change.

  • We can point out the doom-and-gloom they are headed for if they continue down their current path.
  • We can highlight the success of people that are benefiting from what we have to offer.

Regardless of how we try to promote the advantages of the other “path”, people need to believe that something is in reach.

For example, a lot of printers have diversified their business in recent years to offer fulfillment services. For most, that concept (offering fulfillment services) is one that is easy to understand and visualize. It meant setting up shelves and stocking inventory — and then accepting orders, packaging, and shipping.

However, the concept of a printer transitioning to a marketing services provider may not always be as self-explanatory. In the end, the promised results could be really good — increased services, increased revenue.  However, if a company cannot truly envision what steps are necessary to make the transition, well, then they may not give much thought to changing.

Yes, it can be a great marketing technique to tell people what “benefits” we can offer them. But we also need to clearly present the steps necessary for someone to reach those benefits.

If we can do both — present benefits and the steps, we will make it easier for people to become our customer.

And that is quite clearly and obviously a good thing.


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