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July 8, 2009 / jasonpinto


Change is a funny thing.

As humans, we often have a tendency to complain heavily about the things that we cannot change. For example, the weather.

However, we then often prove to be just as guilty of “refusing to change” – if we are sick of the weather, then why do we talk and complain about it every day?

Well, there are plenty of reasons why this might be the case. I think that the weather is just easy to talk about. It’s in front of us at all times. And when it bothers us, well, we assume that it’s bothering everyone else just the same. Complaining about the weather seems like the obvious thing to do.

What about the world of marketing? How do we handle the “obvious”?

No doubt, we have plenty of stand-bys in our routine. Perhaps it’s our design process. Or the channels we rely on to communicate with our target audience. Or the blogs we read. Or the ideas we throw out during a brain-storming session. Or the way we participate in a marketing meeting.

Maybe those routines have inspired us, and brought us success in the past. But we must never forget that there HAS to be another way to think. There has to be another voice out there that could influence us in a positive fashion.

Bad weather can put a damper on a picnic. But it doesn’t need to negatively affect your conversation, or the effect that you have on others.

It’s not always easy to commit to learning something different. Perhaps we are scared to find out that someone thinks our marketing techniques have been less than stellar.

But if we take the time to shake up the things that have become “obvious” in our routine, we will receive benefits.

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