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July 13, 2009 / jasonpinto

The blame game

In the Boston Globe yesterday, I read an article by the legendary Bob Ryan. The article contained his suggestions on how to improve baseball’s All-Star Game.

In regards to what has gone wrong with the game, he put the blame on the commissioner, of course. But he also included another group. Here is what he said: “Sadly, Bud Selig and his marketing minions don’t get it.”

Whoa! Do you hear that marketing world?

In a marketing role, we often times are viewed as a group that provides “support”. Marketers may support goals and visions. For example…

  • Based on what the Sales Department needs (perhaps a 15% increase in new customers), marketing provides the necessary support to help them get that.
  • Based on the vision provided by the CEO, or the management team, marketing works to position the company/product/service in that fashion.

Those items certainly are true. Marketing plays a very big “supporting” role. However, marketing departments can offer a lot more than that.

Folks in marketing may be much more intimate with what the competition is doing.  They also should be on top of how the public views their product or service. They certainly should be very aware of new marketing channels, and how they can improve business.

Well, that valuable information should not just stay in the marketing department. It has to be pushed out to sales and management. If that information can help the company in a positive way, that data must be converted into “actionable” steps as soon as possible.

If not, when things go wrong, the marketing department certainly will need to bear its share of the blame.


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