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July 14, 2009 / jasonpinto

Guess who is listening

When a company thinks about how to deal with the social media conversations regarding their business, there are typically two unique groups of people that they think of:

  • The people that praise you.
  • The people that are not happy with you.

Both of those groups are good for different reasons. The people that praise you provide free publicity.   The people that complain about you help you to become a better company. They also allow you to demonstrate how you truly treat customers.

Well, there is another group of people that businesses with a social media presence need to pay attention to. That group involves people that are simply hanging out on the fence.

I’ve seen two good examples of this recently.

An associate has tickets for a flight next week. However, they are on stand-by. They posted this message on Twitter: “Leaving for California in 8 days via @jetblue *Hopefully* (fingers crossed – since I’m on stand by)“.

Well, guess who wrote back just a minutes after she posted this? Yep, Jet Blue.  They couldn’t make any promises. But they said they were wishing this person luck.

I thought that was great. The person has 8 days to change their mind about which airline they could take. They could decide to pay extra money, cancel their Jet Blue flight, and guarantee tickets through another airline.  But, I guarantee the nice customer-service touch shown by Jet Blue in that short little tweet will play a role in that decision.

Here was the other example…

As the week came to a close last Friday afternoon, I posted this: “Thinking of a way to reward the marketing team for a productive week — Dairy Queen? Or push-up contest?

Guess who wrote back within 5 minutes? Yep, Dairy Queen did…. encouraging me to choose the direction that included Peanut Buster Parfaits.

Okay, so maybe that wasn’t a fair-fight. (although there is a

But in both scenarios, the following two things happened:

  • Each company was listening very attentively
  • They responded quickly, and with positive messages

They didn’t need to. Neither of the original tweets were ever going to cause a fire in the Public Relations department!

But their actions both helped to positively influence fence-sitters in their direction.

Well, there are people talking about your company today. Some good, some bad. Others that could use a push in your direction. Do you know who they are? Are you reaching out to them?


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