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July 15, 2009 / jasonpinto

My Twitter Y2K

Last week, Twitter told me something that I did not like.

It said this: “You cannot follow any more people at this time! ”

I was stunned at first, and then found this explanation:

“Everyone is allowed to follow 2000 people.  After that, follow limits are based on the number of people who are following you.”

So, because I have not yet reached the 2K number in terms of people who follow me, I was forced into taking action.

I either needed to un-follow people that were not following me back, or, tweet from a bank robbery to increase my followers.

Well, I’ve slowly been trying to do option 1.

The Twitter 2K limit taught me lesson – Limits can force us into action.

Perhaps there are big projects that we need to work on today. But, each day brings an untold amount of distractions and tiny projects that also want our attention. If we follow the distractions and the tiny projects, the big projects don’t stand a chance at reaching completion.

Thus, I’m going to work on setting limits for working on the “tiny” stuff. I’m going to try setting specific blocks of time where I address those types of activities, knock out as many as I can, and then devote bigger blocks of time to the projects have a wider scope.

It should be interesting.

Do you have any advice or strategies for setting time to work on big things… and then sticking to it?

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