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July 16, 2009 / jasonpinto

Show me you love me

I stumbled on this Juliette Lewis video last weekend.  Yes, it’s the Juliette Lewis that is most famously known as an actress.

But, you may not have known, she has also been touring and making music for a few years.

Now —- you may have strong feelings about actors/actresses that try to make it in the music business (Joaquin Phoenix=Hip-Hop star, anyone?). But regardless, I learned a bit of a marketing lesson by watching this video.

Let’s say 95% of the world thinks of Juliette Lewis as an actress. Well, she now wants them to also (seriously) check out her music. How can she convince people that it’s worth their time to make that effort?

Well, she certainly needs to have talent.

But in this video, I think she also tries to demonstrate something else —- her love for music. She’s playing a relatively obscure disco song in the background while dancing around the house. She also goes through some recent classic records that she’s obtained.

Yes, if people start to see that she has a passion for good music, well, that will add points to her “music-credibility” factor. And, that may make people more willing to check out her album or live show.

What about the product or service that we are marketing?

To succeed, we need to have a good one!

But we also need to demonstrate that we love what we do, and that we love the general topic that our product or service is associated to.

Are we trying to sell marketing services or software? If so, people should clearly be able to tell that we LOVE marketing when they hear us talk… or when they read our blog.

If we own a lawn-care business, people should feel that we truly have a strong interest in all-things-lawn-related. That we are interested in greeeeeen…. and not just in taking their green (money).

Yes, if we can demonstrate that we love a certain subject, then people will recognize that we care about it. They will see that we educate ourselves on related topics.

Then, when it’s time to sell, we may be viewed as someone that is worth listening to and buying from.


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