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July 23, 2009 / jasonpinto

Get Buzzed

Where do the best marketing ideas come from?

If you were to be honest with yourself, I’m sure you’d agree that the source of your ideas owe a good amount of credit to something that you’ve seen before… or heard about… or read about.

Sure, we always strive to add our own twist to a marketing effort. But the bottom line is this – you do not need to start from scratch.

To take advantage of the inspiration that is waiting to be grasped, you must be on the lookout for marketing. Even when you’re not looking.

You must be ready to look at the decisions that you make, and try to see which marketing touch-points influenced you.

How the FireFly Bit Me

Here’s a quick example… I’ll start at the end of the story.

I purchased multiple bottles of a new type of Vodka recently. I had never tried it or heard about it prior to the day I made the purchase.

Thinking back, the following things happened that led me to handing over my cash:

  • I received a text message from a friend about it
  • I searched online and read reviews from other people

Now, I was exposed to a lot of other marketing messages that day about other products — TV ads, posters on the wall, in-store product displays and more.

But, that day, they did not move me.

Rather – it was primarily Text messaging and Word-of-Mouth marketing that converted me into a customer of this product.

How can you learn from the bite?

Looking back like this, there are lessons to be learned. The lesson is certainly NOT that text-messaging and word-of-mouth will lead to success in every campaign.

Marketing fundamentals must always be considered.

But perhaps this kind of self-reflection helps us realize that we haven’t put enough effort into a certain marketing channel.  Yes, if it works on us, it may work on someone in our target audience.

When we analyze how marketing affects us personally, it can also be inspiring in a general-sense.

This product appears to be from a small company in South Carolina. They are competing with established brands. They do not appear to have a big marketing budget. They also still dealing with ensuring their product is available everywhere.

But when you see that different types of marketing activities are working for them, then you should take confidence in the fact that despite all the challenges you may face, you can succeed in promoting your product or service.

Oh, what was the Product, you ask?

It is Sweet Tea Vodka, made by FireFly.

Go ahead and Google it… When I did, there was plenty of people calling it “the drink of Summer 2009”! Good luck not buying…


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