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July 27, 2009 / jasonpinto

Prepared to Ride

I enjoy the occasional bike ride on the weekends, so this article on caught my attention yesterday.    Basically, a new set of laws related to bicycle riding has been passed in Massachusetts.

There are many groups affected by the new laws – bicycle riders, people driving automobiles, and also law enforcement.

But there’s a little problem — hardly anyone in those three  groups knows that those changes have been put into place.

The article lists a couple of reasons for this — but primarily, people were surprised the law passed this time around. Thus, they are now working on printing materials, getting the word out, etc.

When it comes to marketing our own product or service, there are things we can control, and things we can’t. Resources, time, and money are all potential obstacles that must be dealt with.

But there is one thing we can always control — having a plan…. or plans.

Each month, quarter, or year, perhaps we create a marketing plan for our business.  If everything goes great during that time, perhaps we can execute it to perfection.

But we also should make plans for circumstances or situations that might happen.

For example, do we rely on people driving to our business to make purchases? If so, what would we do if the city starts paving the main road that leads to our shop? Do we have an idea as to how we deal with that?

Or what if a competitor suddenly slashes prices?

Or what if our product or service experiences an embarrassing public failure?

Yes, these things happen. Without a plan, we risk over- or under-reacting, or making things worse. But if we have a plan, then we can oftentimes smoothly navigate our way through them, and still find success.

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