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August 3, 2009 / jasonpinto

Could we bring that home?

Thai Lotus... Fitchburg, MA

Do you love the product or service that you market? (I hope so!)

That is important. But what’s just as important is this — do your customers love it? Well, since they pay you, it must bring them some benefits.  But here’s what we can never do — get complacent. We have competitors. We might know that we are better than them, but they are always a threat to take our customers away.

How do you deal with that?

  • Well, you certainly need to continually improve your product/service.
  • But you also need to do this – ensure that your customers enjoy the experience of working with you.

Thai Lotus is a restaurant in Fitchburg, MA. I should tell you this right now — July 31st was their last day in business. The owner is retiring, and has sold the shop. (However, she is going to help the new owners get started for a couple of months.)

They have a great product — it’s probably the best Thai food I’ve ever had. If you want it spicy, they hook you up!

But there are a lot of Thai restaurants around. There are a lot that are closer to where I live.

Why Thai Lotus?

Well, you could not beat the experience.  The owner is the one seated in the picture above. Usually, she is the one standing behind your chair.

Yes, she certainly came around to check on your meal….  A lot of restaurant owners do that. But she was so friendly, she also gave massages to everyone at our table.

The first time she did that, we laughed & said thank you. But then we could not stop talking about how great that was.   Sure, there were other Thai restaurants that we enjoyed. But they could not match this one in this department: the friendly owner.

Yes, they had a delicious product — but by doing the little things, by ensuring that their customers always had a memorable experience — they became our restaurant of choice.

Great Food, and Marketing Inspiration

Figuring out how to improve our product or service is not always easy. Sure, if we listen, then we can pick up some great ideas for improvements. But it takes time to pick the proper ones , and get them done. It’s essential to do that….. But in the meantime, we need to ensure that our customers are having a great experience with us.

It can be just in the little things — in the way we answer the phones, in the way we reply to emails… It can be in the way we follow-up on invoices… or in the way we remember their anniversaries with us.

By creating a positive experience, we strengthen relationships. And that always makes it easier for a customer to come back for more.


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