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August 13, 2009 / jasonpinto

Make the greatest product ever

Imagine this:

You have just made a new movie. Before it gets released, certain people have the privilege to view a sneak-peek. One of the viewers leaves the theater saying this:

“That is the greatest mafia movie ever made”.

Okay, do you think you would use that in your marketing efforts? (Of course!!!)

  • You would put that quote on posters….
  • You would display it during the trailer.
  • You would put it on the front-cover of your DVD release

(In case you don’t know – That phrase is being used in the marketing efforts for the movie “Gomorra“)

Yes, a testimonial like that could greatly help your marketing efforts. Sure, some people may be suspicious of the quote. But that should not stop you. Some people will take it as a must-watch recommendation, and others will at least be curious.

Okay… how can that apply to your business?

Getting great customer testimonials may be an endeavor, but it’s worthwhile.

To get strong testimonials, it starts with a great product or service. But then you need to listen.

Customers may not say that you are the “greatest landscaper in the valley”, or that you have the “best software in the Northeast”.  But they may say things such as “since we’ve started using your product, our sales opportunities have increased across the board”…. or, “with your tools, we don’t need to buy anything else! We have all the equipment we need”.

Yes, those quotes may not be extremely dramatic, but they absolutely would help prove that your product or service excels at something. Quotes like that demonstrate that what you offer brings benefits to users and customers.

So….. was Gomorra the “greatest mafia movie ever made”? Who knows?

But if you believe in what you are marketing, then you need to make and find other believers too. When they say something good, use it in your marketing efforts (as long as they consent :-)), and increase the size of your believers party.

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