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August 17, 2009 / jasonpinto

Woodstock at 40 and Marketing

I had the privilege of attending the “Heroes of Woodstock – 40th Anniversary” concert last night. The show consisted of bands that played the original Woodstock event in’69 (Canned Heat, Big Brother and the Holding Company, and more…).

These were bands that had to have been near their “peak” 40 years ago! But here they were, all these years later, still taking the stage.

How many people are neeeded to start a dance party?

In regards to attendance, I’ll say this — the show was not sold out. (We purchased tickets right before it started).

The bands may have wished that there were more people in the audience last night. They could have been disheartened, and “mailed in” their performance.  But that did not happen – at all.  Despite less than ideal circumstances, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Country Joe McDonald and Canned Heat played very passionate sets. (As for the bands that played after them, sorry… I needed to get home.. big work week! )

By the end of Canned Heat’s set, the first 30 rows of on the floor had turned into a huge dance party.

“Canned” Marketing (pardon the pun!)?

When it comes to marketing a product or service, we sometimes do so under less than ideal circumstances.

We may not have the budget that our competition has. We may not have 50,000 followers on our corporate Twitter account yet.  We may be selling to an audience that requires patience, and a longer sales cycle.

How do those circumstances affect our performance?

We may not mail it in, but we may be tempted to develop the occasional “it doesn’t matter” attitude. We may feel like a postcard is just a piece of mail that will end up in  trash… or that it doesn’t matter if we haven’t updated our Twitter page in a week — who reads it, anyway?

That attitude may get us booed off the stage. Or worse, we’ll walk off the stage in silence, because people will notice that we don’t care, and well, why should they….

Yes, circumstances are not always our friend. But if we perform like we’re playing in front of a packed-house every time, then we can change things for the better.  We may not sell a million products through one show, or one postcard, or one tweet…. but if we keep believing that each marketing effort can truly help our business, then we will at least put ourselves on a path to success.

Thank you to Canned Heat,  Country Joe, and Big Brother and the Holding Company —- You Rock.

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