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August 19, 2009 / jasonpinto

A little birdie told me…

As marketers, we spend a lot of time looking for the “perfect” words.

There’s a reason for this — the words and phrases that we may dream up, recommend, and approve may end up in a lot of places: on our website, our business cards, our collateral, and more.  Also, those words are responsible for compelling someone to further action.

However, even when we think that we’ve settled on a phrase that perfectly describes our product, solution and benefits, we often do not live with that phrase forever. Competition or changes in the marketplace force us to reconsider how we describe ourselves.

Where does the perfect phrase come from?

Certainly, we may know our product or service better than anyone. But sometimes, we are sooooo close to it, that we have a tough time explaining how it truly can help someone in a just a few words.

Thus, when it comes to finding the right phrase, we need to pay attention to other groups of people — our prospects and customers.

(ALERT: Plug coming up for the company I work for, interlinkONE)
The other day, I was demonstrating the interlinkONE marketing software solution to a prospect. At the end of the demo, he said this: “This software gives it all to me — from soup to nuts. I think that if I buy this, I won’t need to buy another point solution.”

I loved what he said. I thought that it really described how we believe our customers should feel when using our solution. However, I don’t believe that I’ve ever said it quite so succinctly.

Marketing involves doing a lot of talking and dreaming.

But sometimes, we need to force ourselves to really listen to the people on the other end. They can have quite a positive affect on the ideas that you dream about, and the phrases that you use.

Yes, your prospects and customers can improve your marketing efforts for the better.

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