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August 21, 2009 / jasonpinto

Honey, I Shrunk Myself

If you were to create a time-line of a marketing campaign, there are many stages involved. Each of those stages may bring in new emotions for all parties involved.

For example, let’s say you are executing a campaign… When you push the “Send EMail” button, or say the words “I approve the proof. Mail it!”, those can be liberating and exciting moments.

The Design process can also be exciting. But it certainly can bring a unique set of challenges.

There are normally different groups of people involved in the design process of marketing material:

  • The Designers
  • Management
  • Marketing Director
  • Sales
  • oh………… and Mr. & Mrs. Deadline

People from these groups will seemingly all have slightly different agendas. It’s not their fault – they all have different backgrounds, passions, and interests… and likes and dislikes.

Whether it’s designing a new direct mail piece, or a new trade show booth panel, or a new book cover, or a new Twitter background, or whatever…… those processes can have many tension-filled moments that border on being categorized as argumentative.

Well —- how can you successfully push those moments forward?

THE ANSWER: Shrink  yourself.

Yes, you are important. And your opinion matters.

But in the end, the most important people are the members of your target audience.

Does the postcard have anything on it that will compel THEM to respond? Will the panel make THEM stop, and ask you questions at your trade show booth?

Does your website site have a look or content that will make them want to read, and share it with others?

Yes — if we want our marketing materials to succeed, we need to certainly work, use our talents, etc…

But in the end, it’s all about the audience. If we design and execute in a way that will appeal to them, we will win.

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