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August 25, 2009 / jasonpinto

Temper and Tennis


Red-faced and stammering, I threw a temper-tantrum this past weekend.

I threw my tennis racket against the fence.

Yes, I was not playing good tennis at all. And in a moment of frustration, I blamed the tool (my racket).

The embarrassment sunk in very quickly thought, and I quickly realized that while my racket may not be Federer-worthy, there were other things that I was not doing great.¬† I was not “getting my racket back”, or “moving my feet”, or “following through”, or “getting low”. Yes, I was ignoring plenty of tennis fundamentals.

When it comes to marketing, there are plenty of frustrating moments that we might run into.

  • Perhaps a campaign has failed to achieve the results that we desired.
  • Or maybe our competition is stealing headlines, and we can’t seem to keep up.
  • Or perhaps we can’t seem to get a mailer/email/eBook approved by all necessary parties… Our eyes glazed over on revision 4, and we are approaching revision 13.

Whatever it might be, those times may urge us to “throw our tennis racket against the fence”.

We might want to blame the people we work with. Or our circumstances. Or our budget. Or the software that is installed on our computers.

In the end, tools absolutely can help. They can contribute to a positive marketing effort.

However — the best tools in the world will do us zero’s-worth-of-good if we are slacking on marketing fundamentals.

  • If we are overlooking the database that we are sending emails too, our email efforts will fail.
  • If we are posting boring or only-self-promotional content on social media sites, tools like Tweet Deck, Ping.FM, etc. will not do us any good.
  • If we only trying to reach people through one marketing channel, then our response rates are going to suffer.

Yes, tools can be a double-edged sword. They hold out promises of greater productivity. But sometimes that makes us lazy.

If we get lazy when it comes to tennis fundamentals, we will develop a nickname of “Love” (as in your score is Zero in tennis!)

If we get lazy when it comes to our marketing fundamentals, tools will simply serve as next-in-line-to-blame.

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