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August 27, 2009 / jasonpinto

Good news for people who love bad news

Are you scared to share positive news?

That sounds ridiculous, right?

Well, it might not be  our fault, but it happens. We hold back from sharing information about something good or positive.

Why would we hold back? Well, negative things have a way of dominating.  If a company is dealing with a negative situation, or a customer problem, it may affect everyone. Even if you aren’t personally working on the issue, you may stay quiet and keep your head down, so that you don’t get in the “crisis-fixers” way. The whole mood of the company could seem somber.

That might be a good thing, especially if it’s a legitimate crisis.

But in business, fire-drills happen a lot. They are responsible for a lot of meetings, a lot of sighs, and a lot of sleepless nights.

However – meetings, sighs, and sleepless nights also sometimes produce very good things for a business.  Hard work is usually always behind a very successful marketing campaign.. or a new product feature that all customers love.

When those things happen, you need to shout about them!

You may hesitate on clicking the “Send email to all employees” button, thinking that everyone is so busy.. and they’re not going to care… and that you don’t want to distract them.

Maybe some people will simply hit “Ignore/Delete”.

However, good news helps people get through through times.

When they ask the question, “is it worth helping out to fix this issue”, or to “brainstorm hard about a new solution”, the good news that you once shared may help realize that their may be a “reward at the end of the tunnel”. That, if they help out, your company may end up on the cover of a magazine… or win an award at a trade show, or sponsor a huge party at the end of the year for employees.

Bad news will never be fun. It happens, and everyone feels it.

So… When good news comes around, make sure the whole world knows about it!

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