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September 8, 2009 / jasonpinto

Keep ringing in my ears

What causes you to spend money on music? To buy a CD, or a concert ticket?

If you are a music purist, then you might say (with your rock horns in the air): It’s all about the music. If the song is great, if the band rocks, then you’ll shell out some dough.

Yes, the music plays a very important role. But just like any other product or service, all bands need to have some sort of marketing effort if they want to sell albums and tickets.

Best Band on the Planet?

Along with providing us great music, The Avett Brothers are also providing marketing inspiration. They are launching a new album at the end of the month. Before the release date, they are releasing a 13-clip video series. The clips are being released one at a time, and each clip will highlight a new song, concert footage, and fan testimonials.

I believe that their new album might be one of the best of 2009. But even though I was already thinking/planning on buying it, this marketing effort is going to do things:

  • It will give me a reason to check their website each day over the next couple of weeks
  • It will heighten my anticipation for buying the record
  • It will provide me fresh content that I can tweet/blog/facebook about

How can the Brothers help you?

Think about your own marketing efforts… Perhaps you are trying to promote a new product. Or maybe you are about to head to a big trade show or event. Will people buy, or come and see you? If they love what you offer, then they most likely will plan on doing that.

However, will you assist them along the way?

Certainly, you can’t bombard people with the same message on each email or postcard (“Come to my booth!” or “Ready to buy our product?! It’s coming!”). But, if you can develop unique and compelling content… and then drip that to people over a series of days or weeks, you can greatly increase your chances of success.

Not only will you stay fresh in people’s minds, you’ll help increase the chances that they’ll help you spread the word. For free.

Photo Credit:|theavettbrothers|20090908


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