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September 10, 2009 / jasonpinto

The Nickname Guy

The Nickname Guy.

Do you have one in your circle of friends? Or perhaps you are that guy?  In case you’re wondering, The Nickname Guy is the person who is very quick to establish a new nickname for an individual after they learn something about the person, or witness an event that occurs with that person.

For example, if someone consistently orders Super-Sized meals from a fast-food restaurant, they become “John Super-size Smith”. Or if someone loses a shoe off of a dock, they become “Mary One-Shoe Jones”…. etc. (for any fans of The Office: “Tuna”, anyone?!)

Well, how can the actions of The Nickname Guy help in your marketing efforts?

Nearly everyone believes that one-to-one marketing is more effective than sending the same message to everyone. However, other than “Dear [FirstName]”, most marketing pieces today fail to attempt any other forms of personalization.

In order to personalize materials, you need two things….. a bit of creativity….. but more importantly, you need data!

  • If you know that someone always looks at the shoes in your online store, well then you know what product should be featured in your monthly email newsletter for that person.
  • If you know someone is from the state of Arizona, then you can be pretty confident that they rely heavily on air-conditioners in the summer.
  • If you know someone has children, then you can count on good results if you target them around back-to-school times.

To deliver effective personalized marketing materials, we need to think about people as more than a record in our database. We need to visualize who they are, where they are from, what they like and dislike.

Yes, sometimes we need to become like The Nickname Guy.

Whenever we learn something about a prospect or a customer, we need to register that in our brain somewhere. We need to add it to our CRM system.

If we pay attention, and then make the effort to populate our database, we are oh-so-close to being able to deliver effective one-to-one marketing materials.


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  1. Leonita / Sep 16 2009 7:08 am

    nice 🙂

    thanks for shared..

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