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September 22, 2009 / jasonpinto

Welcome to the neighborhood

Do you know the feeling of what it’s like to move into a new neighborhood?

The first few weeks or months can be tough! You are busy… your neighbors are busy. You can go a long time without getting to do much more than wave to them.  You start speculating about who they are – what they do for fun, for work, etc. And of course, they’re probably wondering the same about you.

Certainly, your relationship with neighbors typically becomes a lot better the sooner you get to learn more about each other.

How about your marketing efforts?

When it comes to our marketing efforts, we often have this type of “new to the neighborhood” relationship with a key group of people — our  newsletter subscribers.

Sure, we are excited when someone signs up to read the content that we publish.  But what is the end goal? Certainly, we look forward to sharing with them content that can hopefully up grow their business.  But is there more that we can do?

The Opportunities

In marketing, there are many opportunities that we can take to learn more about our individual subscribers.

Do you send a Thank You/Confirmation email we send when someone subscribes to your newsletter? If so, you may want to include a few questions that would help you learn more about that person’s interest.

Perhaps you send the same newsletter to everyone on your list right now. For the most part, that’s very practical.  But if you build your marketing database over time, you can slowly start to work in some personalization to future issues.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’ve learned which product or service your readers are most interested in…. Well, in your next newsletter, try putting a banner ad or link that specifically refers to content on that product/service.

This type of targeted marketing can pay off in the long term.

The newsletter or blog may be free.  But to stay in business, you’ll need new sales. If you put forth an effort to learn about your readers, and then execute a bit of personalization, it may be a bit easier to do just that.


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