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September 24, 2009 / jasonpinto

Show Data Some Love

I have the opportunity to work with a lot of different clients on marketing efforts. I get to be a part of the creative steps (sometimes), the setup and management, and also the “let’s check the results” stage.  This week, I’ve seen some campaigns that did very well, and others that, uhm, might not get talked about ever again come Friday at 5Pm.

There are many components that go into producing a successful marketing effort.  But without a doubt, the customers that seem to consistently bring in great results are the ones who have a passion for their data.

How to show love to data

Customers that love data pay a lot of attention when they upload their lists – they ensure that people are categorized as accurately as possible.

Yes, it may be quicker to upload your mailing list into the same bucket, but when you take the time to segment your data, you open up your marketing efforts to a whole new world of options.

You start to think of the records in your lists as people— you put yourself in their shoes and ask, “will a person from this group really find my call-to-action compelling?”

The Benefits To You

When you take the time to categorize your data, you can personalize the mailer, email, or web pages that a certain group may be exposed to.

Also, by paying attention to your data, you make it easier for yourself to demonstrate results to your boss or clients (if you are a marketing services provider).

Hey Boss – Do you want to see the data sliced this way? That way? You want to know how many of our prospects viewed the landing page? How many customers? How many people from the purchased list actually responded to the survey? Well, I can show you that.

Yes, your creative needs love… Your messaging needs love. And if you take time to pay attention to the data, to the individuals that you are targeting, your marketing efforts will only get better.


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