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September 28, 2009 / jasonpinto

Doing it Wrong to Get it Right

With the in-laws in town this weekend from Maine, it was time to reach into the Folk section of my CD collection. The lucky winner was…….. The Band!

They have their share of  classic albums and songs.

Yesterday, I picked up on a lyric that caused me to think about Marketing. (Even though I’m 100% that was not their intention!)

The lyric said “I’m gonna keep on doing it wrong until I do it right“.

In the world of marketing, people are often full of ideas and excitement. Many of them make it to the drawing board… they may get discussed in meetings… they may get reviewed and revised.

However, far too often, a lot of projects and marketing campaigns never get pushed to completion. In some cases this is a good thing – not all ideas are ready for prime-time. However, when the reason to not launch a project is a fear of failure, that’s a bad thing.

There are thousands of companies right now that are talking about using social media for their efforts… they’re talking about creating a blog. They’re talking about hosting a webinar series. Or having an open house. However, if a company has not yet tried to use those marketing channels yet, there is a good chance that they may never will.   They might talk about it, but that’s it.

Yes, sometimes you need to sing that lyric from the Band loud.

And then take action.

Throw the open house. Start up a Facebook page. Host a webinar.

Maybe those efforts won’t turn out perfect. You may have a few embarrassing moments, and even ask yourself a thousand times “Why didn’t we think of this? Why didn’t we do it this way?”. Well, that’s perfectly okay.

Even if you do it wrong the first time, create the opportunity to try again, and to try do it right.

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