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October 5, 2009 / jasonpinto

Spend time to save time

There are a lot of articles, books, and blog posts that provide practical advice on how to save time.

A lot of the advice deals with “getting to the point” and “setting priorities”. That is all very true.

Here’s one suggestion on saving time that actually involves you spending time: Ask questions.

Perhaps you are in the middle of trying to sell to a prospect. You’ve done a couple of demos. They are close to making a decision. Then they have a specific question on one feature of your product or service. You think you know what they want to see…. you prepare for a few days before your demo. And then, the call starts… and you had it wrong. They really meant this. Or that. And you have wasted time, and are now scrambling to find ways to buy time to show them what they really want.

Perhaps we are trying to create a marketing campaign that meets our boss’ vision. Or perhaps  we are trying to create a landing page or email based on the napkin sketch that a client provided.

When we are unsure of the exact specs, we often guess. Sometimes we guess right – we deliver and meet expectations.

But oftentimes, we have to go back and forth a few times before expectations are met.

But, if we admit that we don’t always know exactly what they want up front, and take the time to call/email/text to get some clarification, we’ll end up saving time in the end.

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