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October 7, 2009 / jasonpinto

What are YOU doing here?

I am quite happy that I attended the Gary Vaynerchuk/Awareness Networks Tweet-Up last night at Gillette Stadium.

The room was packed with people who are serious about marketing.

In the midst of meeting many new people, there was one question that I was asked the most often: “What are you hoping to gain from being here?”

It’s such a great question.

It’s one that all companies need to ask more often when it comes to their marketing efforts. We all want to be proactive… We want to be using the right marketing channels. We want to prove success.

However, before those things can happen, we need to ask, “what are we hoping to gain?”. The answers to that question will help us become honest, and set proper goals. The answers will help us figure out what marketing channels to use… and how often we should use them.

We also should ask that question throughout the marketing campaign… Goals and needs may shift. New channels may appear. New opportunities arise. If we continue to provide answers to that question, we’ll be able to ensure our marketing efforts truly help us feel fulfilled when they come to an end.


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