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October 8, 2009 / jasonpinto

Trying to tell me something?

In the mail yesterday, I received a package containing various coupons from local businesses. One menu/flyer made me stop in my tracks.

It was from a local “house of pizza” joint. Their menu had everything you’d expect: Coupons… pictures of (mouth-watering inducing) pepperoni pizza and their hours.   But it had something else. On the front page of the menu, there was a call-out with these words:

“Owner on site all 7 days”

To give that text prime real estate on their marketing materials, they must feel that is a positive message for their company.

How I Felt About It

Now, I’ll tell you my instinct: reading that gave me a bad impression of the restaurant. Why would the owner need to be there every day? Maybe it’s because he loves the place and his job. But to me, I imagined upset customers looking for an avenue to complain, and often stating “I need to speak to the owner.”  I also pictured how horrible (:-)) it must be if the owner wasn’t there — loud, obnoxious music blasting… people getting shoddy service… lazy employees letting the phones ring all day.

Now, this might not be true at all.  But, reading that on their marketing material gave me a very negative impression.

It Cannot Be All Good

So, when it comes to your business — there may be many things that you believe are positive selling points regarding your product or service. But before you post them, it’s very important to do one thing —- put yourself in the shoes of the audience.  How will they react? What will they think when they read this?

You’re not always going to make perfect decisions. But if you pause, analyze, and test, you’ll increase your chances of success.

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