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October 9, 2009 / jasonpinto

When Dirty Water Becomes Gold

When The Standells recorded their song “Dirty Water”, they primarily had two things in mind: the polluted water of the Charles River and the early curfew for Boston University co-eds.

Standing alone, it’s a pretty good tune.

However, over the past few years (at least since ’03?), Boston Red Sox fans have adopted that as the song to sing when they need to celebrate a win by their team.

(In fact, I was at a wedding a couple of weeks ago between a Red Sox fan and a Yankees fan. One of the highlights of the reception was when the DJ played “Dirty Water”. Family and friends from Boston poured onto the dance floor.)

Yes, that song is now being used for a different purpose, and it has taken on new legs.

How does this apply to your marketing efforts?

Perhaps you are currently working on a new article for a newsletter or a blog. There’s a good chance that content will only be published once, in that media. However, opportunities may arise where you’ll be able to re-purpose that content for another media down the road. Yes, that same content may even turn into a revenue-producing opportunity months or years after you first publish it.

Some of my favorite marketing-related bloggers over the past few years have done this. Their popularity grows, and they eventually get a book deal. Well, in a lot of cases, there books end up containing a lot of the great examples and stories that they initially told in their blog or newsletter.

Another opportunity involves publications from traditional media in your industry. Perhaps an editor needs a piece to publish in an upcoming magazine. More and more, they are turning to people that have previously self-published articles to gain permission to re-publish their content in their magazine.

Or perhaps another company will want to use your content in their newsletter

What is the Point?

Some people have a hard time justifying the hours they may spend keeping a blog post or a newsletter up to date. Well, there are many arguments that could go against that.

Here’s one more to add to the argument pile — the content you develop for those medias may have the opportunity to grow into something more.

Thus, while you don’t need to make every post or article perfect, what you write today may create opportunities for you in the future.

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