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October 13, 2009 / jasonpinto

Summer of Weddings and Sharing

Can I say this? I am officially wedding’ed out.  Over the past 2 months, I’ve been a part of 5.

Sure, they were all very happy occasions. I enjoyed myself. But I think I’ve danced to Boom-Boom Pow for the last time in 2009.

However, before I end the summer of weddings, I learned a very important marketing lesson.

The etiquette of keeping your cell phone off during weddings is definitely thing of the past. During the weddings I attended this summer, I saw the following:

  • People videotaping portions of the ceremony with their phone
  • People snapping pictures

Okay, that’s not special.

But here’s what is: minutes after taking those pictures or recording the videos, they were uploading them to the web. They were putting them on their Facebook pages… on YouTube… they were uploading them with TwitPic.

Yes, while there may have been a 150 people at the wedding, thousands of more people were able to join in (in some fashion) with the festivities.

Technology has changed the way we socialize. It’s greatly enhanced our ability to share, and to be part of events that we previously would have missed out on.

The best part is – it’s easy to do all this.

So….When it comes to your product or service, are you taking advantage of these easy-to-use tools and channels to reach out to your prospects and customers?

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