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October 14, 2009 / jasonpinto

It’s Vintage, Man

Vintage Grape Nuts

Vintage Grape Nuts

I am not a huge cereal fan, but I do have a weakness for Grape Nuts.

I try to avoid falling for things because they are “vintage”, but I do love marketing.

Thus, I had to buy this box of vintage Grape Nuts.

Why do companies push out designs from years past? Well, in a lot of cases it works.

Why It Works

The Good Memories: It may appeal to the consumer that purchased a product 40 years ago, and just loved the packaging. Perhaps seeing the older packaging reminds them of the good ole’ days. Thus, to bring back some of the great memories to mind, they make the purchase.

If you’ve lasted that long, you must be good: To me, this is one of the funniest parts of our human nature and decision-making process.   We oftentimes reach for and purchase the product that’s “new” or “dramatically enhanced”.   But other times, we decide to go with what’s reliable, what’s been around for a while.  Yes, there are other competitors in the “crunch nutty cereal” category… but have any been around as long as Grape Nuts?

Yes, returning to our past can help improve our marketing efforts.

New Kid on the Block

Even if you’ve only been around for a short time, there are still plenty of lessons that “vintage” can provide to you. Review your previous marketing activities. Even if you’ve already reviewed the success of your efforts, take another look. No doubt, you’ve learned more about your audience since your initial efforts. Reviewing old data and results may help trigger an idea for a future marketing effort.

Also, learn from other companies that have been around for a while! Check out the box of Grape Nuts above… For one thing, they had the special offer for “valuable savings coupon inside”.

We all fall in love with our own product or service  — sometimes it takes a box of cereal to remind us that we may need to do something a little bit special to get the rest of the world to realize that too.


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